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Kant IT Solution is a leading provider of Cloud-Based CRM and ERP systems, serving multiple industries since 2013. Our industrial automated solutions have garnered significant success, meeting diverse customer requirements through customized development. Our CRM product, available under various brand names like Kant CRM and Mr. Employee Tracker, integrates seamlessly with ERP systems like SAP, ERP and E-account cloud ERP. This integration offers immense benefits, driving business automation and ensuring smooth operations. Our solution caters to industries ranging from Agrochemicals Manufacturing to Pharmaceuticals, empowering marketing staff and automating up to 95% of business processes. Kant CRM is designed to benefit businesses of all sizes, from startups to large-scale industries, revolutionizing business automation across sectors.


Your Vision, Our Expertise

We aim to help agriculture and its businesses by focusing on their “real” work. To deliver innovative solutions by providing qualified, experienced staff who have years of experience in the relevant field.

We go beyond software to provide the best web solutions and turn data into knowledge, keeping our clients' expectations in mind; we strive to solve their problems.


Mayur Shilu

Director of Kant It Solution
Mr. Mayur Shilu, the director of Kant It Solution who studied M.Sc It & CA at Saurashtra University in 2010 has much experience in IT companies and also in the industrial field by providing professional training to the candidates, he has many candidates to work in large IT companies.
After the experience in IT development, he founded the IT company in 2015 with the solution of Je Bhagavan Software. Even today the name JBS resonates for desktop development and customized development.
Software developed by JBS Solutions is still used by customers like Loan Management System, School Management System, Builders CRM, Gold Shramroms CRM, Pay Roll and many more. Thanak to my friend Mr. Vishal Jadav who asked me to start the company and gave me the first project from 2014 to 2015 JBS Solutions made a lot of progress and provided many solutions to customers.

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Mr.Vishal Jadav

Managing Director + Team Leader
Mr. Vishal Jadav is an IT expert He completed his Master of Computer from Bangalore University in 2012 and from 2012 to 2016 he worked in many companies for IT field experience.
He is an expert in the IT industry, with expertise in Microsoft. NET,API integration, RDBMS, and many other technologies, and is an expert in development and team development.
2015 Mr.Mayur Shilu and Mr.Vishal Jadav immediately launched a Giant Sanctuary and Partnership Firm named "Kant It Solution" with GST Registration and started working in join.
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