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Cloud Based Accounting ERP

Cloud Based Accounting ERP

From a humble hut to spanning Indian states and delivering services across the United States, Australia, and Asia Pacific, our journey speaks of growth and excellence.

Smart Mobile GPS Tracking

Smart Mobile GPS Tracking System

Smart Mobile GPS Tracking System is an intelligent solution for efficient employee and dealer tracking, offering both web and mobile portals.

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Kant IT Solutions is a leader in the field of cloud-based CRM and ERP systems and has a successful track record since 2013. We specialize in solutions for industrial automation in various sectors and excel in customized developments tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Our CRM products, known under different brand names such as Kant CRM and Mr. Employee Tracker, offer seamless integration with popular ERP systems such as SAP, ERP and E-account cloud ERP. This integration enables companies to improve automation and operational efficiency, embodying our motto "Business Automation with Smoothness".

Kant CRM is suitable for a wide range of industries, from agrochemicals to pharmaceuticals, providing significant benefits for marketers and streamlining the operations of 95% of businesses. Whether for startups or established companies, Kant CRM is designed to revolutionize industry automation and ensure the success of businesses of all sizes.

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